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Operations and Aviation Safety

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Operations and Aviation Safety

Aviation safety is an operations function. The institutional organizations of the military and commercial aviation have established sound, standardized operating procedures to mitigate the risk. It is incumbent upon General Aviation, therefore the individual pilot, to develop his own standardization, which is where training and Airmanship Education provides a medium for individual Airmanship development. ATM has developed over years of training experience, and is developing with the assistance of the Airmanship Education Research Initiative, more refined education principals to assist our customers in developing their own standardization to help mitigate the loss while operating General Aviation airplanes.

Aviation safety is an often over-used and misunderstood concept. First we need to define just what exactly aviation safety really is. Safe, a noun, it is defined by Webster; free from harm or risk, cautious trustworthy reliable. Safety, a noun and a transitive verb such as safety belt or safety glasses and is defined as; the condition of being safe from undergoing or causing hurt or injury or loss. Essentially that is what we are attempting to accomplish through the training and education process as our end product; keeping ourselves, those that fly with us and our airplane free from injury hurt or loss. We are attempting to mitigate the loss, the very thing for which insurance provides us coverage.

Let ATM evaluate your operation and standardization starting with an AERI driven and aviation safety driven Initial, Recurrent, Advanced Avionics, Supplemental Training Course or an ATM Signature Aviation Safety Survey to help you develop your operation setting the proper conditions for keeping you, your passengers and your airplane free from injury hurt or loss.

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