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ATM – Aircraft Ferry Service

We’re not just an airplane ferry service! We can ferry your airplane and provide factory-class, type specific training at the same time!

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ATM – Aircraft Ferry Service

Aviation Training Management Airplane Ferry Service
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Airline Transport Rated

Veteran Certificated Flight Instructors

The expert flight instructors of Aviation Training Management LLC can ferry your aircraft to and from the location of your choice – worldwide!

Will you trust your airplane to a low-time ferry pilot who may never have flown an airplane like yours? Or will you trust a type-trained instructor who teaches pilots in your airplane category or type airplane?

Aviation Training Management Ferry Service will safely, professionally and economically ferry your airplane wherever in the world you need it flown. We at ATM LLC have thousands of hours of experience flying your aircraft type. We always fly safely, efficiently and economically, whether the flight is domestic or across continents.

And here’s another ATM-LLC difference! It’s service not available from other aircraft ferry services. During the ferry flight we can teach you how to best operate your airplane. Ferrying your airplane with an ATM pilot can become an interesting, “real life” training experience for you. Hiring ATM to ferry the aircraft with you doubles the value of your flying dollars. You get world-class training while relocating your airplane. There is no substitute in the training world for “real world,” professionally conducted cross country (or cross continent) flying with one of ATM’s expert instructor pilots.

Your requirements are our top priority! From the first call you’ll experience our dedication to meeting your needs. ATM’s five-star customer service agents will match your airplane with one of our type-specific, Airline Transport rated instructor pilots. Each pilot on our professional pilot staff has logged many thousands of hours in high performance single and twin engine airplanes, with many of those hours logged while providing factory-class pilot training in your aircraft type!

We keep you informed! From the moment the ferry flight contract begins owners receive regular updates on the location of the airplane and the status of the flight. Owners and pilots receive a copy of all pre-flight preparation notes at the beginning of the ferry flight and for each stop along the route. ATM will also provide the owner with a link to GPS tracking data for up-to-the-minute location of the airplane.

The job’s not done until you’re completely satisfied! Upon delivery of the airplane our pilots will provide a detailed report of the performance of the aircraft during the flight. We’ll offer suggestions where it’s appropriate for ways to make the airplane perform its best. We’ll even provide photos and videos taken during the flight so you can see your aircraft and its instruments as the flight progressed.

Other services ATM provides besides our world-class, type specific ferry and training services are:

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Aviation Training Management Ferry Service

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